Tuesday 8 November 2022

Animals Move

Finished October 1
Animals Move by Jane Whittingham

This picture book for toddlers introduces new concepts around animals and movement. Inside the front and back covers of the book are pictures of adult and baby animals with the names for both. Within the pages of the book, there are pictures of the baby animals engaged in a variety of movements alongside pictures of children engaged in the same movement. 
The text is simple and easy to understand, and the pictures provide lots to look at. There are a wide variety of animals included here, and a wide variety of kids as well. I loved the inclusion of so many different children, including children we don't often see included.
The details of the animals are easy to look at and explore.
At the end of the book are a series of activities to provide further exploration for the reader. These include taking pictures of the child doing movements inspired by animals and using them to create a book of their own, coming up with tunes and dances for the different movements, charades, creating memory cards, and engaging in different movements during everyday activities.
A fun book that encourages children to get active, use their imaginations, and observe the world around them. 

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