Monday, 17 May 2021

Perfect Little Children

Finished May 15
Perfect Little Children by Sophie Hannah

Beth hasn't seen her former best friend in twelve years and she isn't sure what prompted the interest now, but when her son has a football game near her friend's house, she decides to take a look. She has no intention of approaching her. But as Beth is sitting in her car outside the house, she sees a vehicle arrive. Flora is driving, but when she gets out, paying more attention to the phone call she is on than anything else, something seems off. And when Ben sees her usher two children out of the vehicle, children with the same names and at the same ages as the children Flora and her husband had twelve years ago, Beth is stunned. She doesn't know what to think. But she can't let it go.
Beth's husband Dominic humours her at first, but becomes irritated when she won't give up, despite being given plausible answers. 
Beth is still bothered by the breakup of the friendship, seemingly for social reasons, but as she thinks about it more and more, she wonders if there wasn't more to Flora's behaviour even back then. The reader gradually learns of the circumstances around the rift, and has similar misgivings to Beth. 
This is a book of psychological suspense, one that is hard to put down. 
I really liked the character of Beth's daughter Zan, and her confidence and intelligence. She plays an important role here, and the relationship between her and Beth is a good one, despite some typical drama. 

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