Friday 1 January 2021

Reading for 2020 - Statistics and Thoughts

So I had aimed for 200 books for the year, but only got to 176, but that is still better than my numbers for the last few years, and given what this past year brought us, I will be happy with that. My audiobooks were down big time, with the loss of commuting time starting in March, followed by my job loss in June. I think I will have to start listening to books while I do needlework to tackle some of those audiobooks on my shelves. 
I did better with translations this year and had more diversity as well.
As usual, more of my reads were for adults, although I did significant numbers for kids.
I did more ebooks this year, some from authors and publishers, some from the library. As someone who doesn't really like to read in that format, that was significant.
I also started talking about books in video format, which was nerve-wracking at first, but something I've grown more comfortable with and will continue in the new year. I also formalized my brand, and started a company around Canadian Bookworm.


Adult:     140
Teen:     `8
Kids:    28

Graphica: 2
Audiobook: 4
Ebook: 16  of which 4 were Netgalley ones
ARCs: 39


Fiction: 138
Short Stories: 4
Mystery: 38
Historical Fiction: 23
Fantasy: 18
Science Fiction: 1
Romance: 32
Horror: 1
NOTE: Some books fell into more than one category
42 of these were part of a series

Nonfiction: 38
Poetry: 1
Essays: 2
History: 6
Science and Social Science: 6
Craft: 4
Self-Help: 3
Library profession: 4
Biography/Memoir: 12

Author Identity
Female: 107
Male: 49
Both: 13

Library:  26
Owned:  140, of which 106 were passed on to other readers.
Borrowed or Limited access: 10

Canada: 35
United States: 65
Europe: 54
Asia: 6
Oceania: 7
Africa: 3
Central and South America: 4

Translations: 18
French: 4
German: 3
Spanish: 3
Italian: 2
Japanese: 2
Cree: 1
Danish: 1
Norwegian: 1
Swedish: 1

Reading Challenges

I had mixed success on my reading challenges this year, and thinking about it, I realized that I often don't include books as I am waiting for a more perfect book for a particular challenge. I have determined to let that idea go this year, and count them for every challenge I can. Hopefully that will improve my rate of success.

I did the Savvy Reader Book Pledge this year again and read 176 books and got 16 badges. 

Badges Earned

I completed the What's In a Name Challenge successfully, getting all six categories. Here is my wrap-up post for that. I'm planning to do this one again.

I completed the European Reading Challenge successfully, and here is my wrap-up post for that. This is one I do every year, and I will definitely be continuing it.

The 20 in 20 Reading Challenge didn't go as well, and I fell short of that challenge. Here is the wrap-up post. This was my first time for this one, and I don't think I'll tackle it this year.

The 52 Books in 52 Weeks was a more complex challenge, with many ways to tackle it and many challenges within it. I had mixed results, successful in some, and not so much in others. Here is my wrap-up post. I will tackle this one again.

The Aussie Author Challenge was also a near miss. I was one male author short on this one. I do tend to lean toward female authors, so will definitely seek out some more of both again this coming year. Aussie friends, please make suggestions. Here is my wrap-up post.

The Backlist Reading Challenge didn't have a specific goal, and I probably could have included more books here, but I didn't do too badly. Here is my wrap-up post.

The Book Bingo Reading Challenge wasn't a complete success as I was aiming for a Full House, but I did get a Bingo. Here's my wrap-up post. I will be doing this one again.

I'm also doing pretty good on my Canadian Reading Challenge, which continues until the end of June. My goal was 30 books and I'm already at 28, so I might just up that goal to 50 now. 


  1. I'm not in your league Shonna, but I did get 17 books for Christmas.

    1. 17 is good! I got four new ones for Christmas. But I have a lot in the house to read