Saturday 12 September 2020

A Circle of Wives

Finished September 7
A Circle of Wives by Alice LaPlante

This suspense novel keeps you guessing for a long time. Plastic surgeon John Taylor is found dead in a hotel room, and while at first glance it looks like it may have been a natural death, the police officer in charge is careful to wait for the autopsy before giving an official statement regarding the nature of death. For the officer, Samantha Adams, this is her first homicide investigation and she is determined to solve it and do it well.
Things get a little more dicey when it comes to light that Taylor had more than one wife. It appears that there were three wives, and they weren't all aware of each other. What drew these women to John and how did he manage to juggle them along with his demanding career. As Samantha digs deeper into his life, she discovers the women in his life weren't the only ones that may have had issues with John. His work partnership had started to become more divisive as well.
We also get a glimpse into Samantha's home life, her past career issues, and her love life. Samantha came across as very human, and with a lot to figure out for herself besides her career aspirations.
The lives and motivations of the wives gradually unfolds, and I liked Samantha with her dedication to solving this unusual case.

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