Wednesday 12 August 2020

This is My Daddy

Finished August 2
This is My Daddy by Mies van Hout

This delightful toddler book explores colour, shapes, and other early learning concepts. There are a series of pages with picture of a young animal on the left side of the facing pages and four smaller pictures on the opposite page. Each young animal asks who is their daddy. The reader can look at the four choices and evaluate which one is the match. The following set of pages tell the correct answer. The illustrations use strong, vibrant, coordinating colours, which I loved! and while some, such as the tiger on the cover can be determined by the reader by looking at colour, shapes (such as the stripes on the tiger) and similarities, others are less obvious, and will engender discussion about how animals are different in different stages of their lives.
There are great option for the father in each set, with some element of the option relating to the youngster. For example the small animal with prickles coming out of them has four options that are prickly or fluffy. Young animals included are: tadpole (surprise!), hedgehog, beaver, snail, tiger, caterpillar, and rhinoceros. The book ends with a human youngster, with a bit of a twist that you need to look closely to catch. This book is great fun and the end pages provide more information on the animals.
I just loved this book, for the thought that went into it and the lovely pictures. There is humour and fun throughout.

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