Sunday 17 May 2020


Finished May 3
Unwanted by Kristina Ohlsson, translated by Sarah Death

This is the first book in a series featuring civilian investigative analyst Fredrika Bergman and police inspector Alex Recht. Fredrika is a recent addition to the force and because she approaches cases in a different way, and because she is a woman, she recognizes that her opinions are not always valued and respected, but during this case, you see that change.
Alex has a reputation for solving cases, but he's been lucky too, and this case has its failures, which he must recognize and figure out how to learn from.
As the book opens, a young girl travelling with her mother on a train is kidnapped. The mother is distracted, and the opportunity is there for the girl to be taken when a number of things happen. The team works hard to follow the few leads they have, sometimes on their own, but very soon after the child is found in the north part of the country dead, and the word "unwanted" is written on her forehead. The mother clearly wanted the child, so what is the significance of this word. And is there any significance to the placement of the child.
When there are other deaths, the police realize that they may have been focusing on the wrong things and a wider look at the case is taken.
I liked the various police characters and their development over the course of the book (well, there was one guy I didn't like much as he seemed very self-centered) and I liked the way the case was described.

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