Sunday 20 January 2019

Nobody's Baby But Mine / This Heart of Mine

Finished January 6
Nobody's Baby But Mine / This Heart of Mine by Susan Elizabeth Phillips

This two-in-one book contains two romance novels that are connected through the fictional Chicago Stars football team. The first book, Nobody's Baby But Mine, has Dr. Jane Darlington, a Mensa-level physics professor, discouraged by her lack of family as she nears her mid-thirties, who is neighbour to a young groupie of the Chicago Stars football team. The groupie wants to do a favour for some players and connives to have Jane pretend to be a high-class call girl as a birthday present for star quarterback Cal Bonner. Jane has no plans to see Cal beyond this, but fate offers a different outcome.
The second book, This Heart of Mine, has Molly Somerville, the younger sister of Chicago Stars owner Phoebe Somerville Calebow, in a vulnerable state. She's feeling discouraged about her life, despite her successful children's book series featuring Daphne the Bunny and her friends. She's had a crush on quarterback Kevin Tucker for years, but his women tend to be model beautiful and not much for intelligent conversation. Molly knows that she has a tendency to self-destructive actions when she gets in these moods, and decides a little R and R at the family cabin would be a good thing. What she doesn't know is that Kevin is already at the cabin, sent there to do a little thinking about some of his recent risky escapades. After a bad beginning, the two get along, until Molly makes a impulse move that catches Kevin by total surprise. They part ways, but fate, and Phoebe and her husband Dan, have them getting back together before too long, and learning more about each other.
Both stories have some silly situational things happening, but the characters are interesting and show growth as the stories move forward. with some side stories coming in to add even more interest. I enjoyed them

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