Sunday 1 July 2018


Finished July 1
Poison by John Lescroart

This novel is part of a series featuring the lawyer Dismas Hardy. It is the only one that I've read in the series. Hardy has sworn off murder cases after getting shot a year before in connection with a case. But when Abby Jarvis, a young woman that he defended years ago is arrested for the murder of her employer, he feels compelled to take her case.
We see a variety of points of view here, including Eric Waverly, a homicide inspector with the SFPD. Waverly also took a couple of bullets not that long ago, and he's back at work, but the pain is still causing him issues, and he's not dealing with it well on either a professional or a personal level.
As the book begins, Hardy is enjoying the season opening baseball game with his son, and Waverly is attending a reported homicide nearby. The man killed is a young Asian man, and it seems as if he knew his killer.
Abby hasn't been entirely honest with the police, and some of her actions definitely look questionable, but Hardy doesn't believe that she committed the crime she is accused of. He gets his usual investigator, Hunt, to look into other possible suspects, since the police seem to have stopped looking with Abby in jail.
Hardy has a lot of experience, both in the DA's office and as a criminal lawyer, and he has learned to go with his instincts on cases. His daughter is also a lawyer, and his son works for Facebook, and Hardy and his wife are close to both kids. As he learns of his son's connection to a murder case, he also warns him off getting involved.
There are connections all over here, and while I suspected some of them before they were exposed, the novel was still engrossing, and I enjoyed the plot.

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