Monday 30 April 2018

Clara Voyant

Finished April 28
Clara Voyant by Rachelle Delaney

This children's novel features middle school student Clara Costa. Clara is in her first year of middle school, and has just moved from living with her mom and grandmother near High Park, to an apartment with her mom in Kensington Village. Her grandmother, Elaine, has retired to Florida, and Clara misses her a lot. Her grandmother was a no-nonsense woman with lots of rules and strong opinions. Clara's mom, Gaby, had recently finished a college program in herbalism, and got a job managing a herbal remedies shop, that came with an upstairs apartment. Clara isn't sure about the new neighbourhood, and for sure doesn't believe in all the new age stuff her mom is into. She's also not keen on her mom's new friends who hold seances, and specialize in haunted real estate.
But there are some good things too. She has a new best friend named Maeve, so seems to like her mom's ideas, and is supportive of Clara's journalism goals. Clara has garnered a spot on the reporting team of the school paper, although she would definitely like a more challenging assignment than reporting on school clubs. And the guacamole at the restaurant across the street is the best ever.
When Clara gets assigned to write a new horoscope feature though, she isn't happy, nor is she thrilled with the new pen name that goes with it.
But as Clara diligently completes her assignment, she finds that she seems to be getting things right, and when she secretly takes on a investigative story, things get even more interesting.
This is a story about growing up, learning more about oneself, and discovering that change can come to people at any age. A fun read.

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