Sunday 7 January 2018

Say My Name

Finished January 7
Say My Name by Allegra Huston

This novel takes us into the life of Eve, a forty-eight year old woman. Eve is married to Larry, with a grown son, Allen. Some time ago, Larry moved into the spare room, soon after being enlightened about his life. The marriage has never been a close one. Eve obstensibly has a career as a garden designer, but she really treats it more as a hobby. On most weekends she travels around secondhand shops buying items for her friend Deborah's antique shop. As the book begins, she has spied a musical instrument in a case in a shop in the north end of New York City. Despite the bad condition of the instrument, she cannot help herself.
Later, when she goes downtown to the library to research its origins, she encounters Robert the college roommate of her brother Bill, and his son Micajah, a musician. She is surprised when Micajah flirts with her, and even more surprised when he follows up with an email asking to meet.
The next meeting ignites something in Eve that she has never felt before, not even in the early days of her marriage, and she finds herself struggling not to continue the relationship.
When Larry makes an unexpected choice, Eve finds herself surprised and must start to figure out what she really wants. Eve has always been scared of taking risks, but now she finds herself freed to try new things.
This is a novel of passion, and novel of self-renewal.

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