Sunday 31 December 2017

2017 Reading Summary

I didn't reach my goal of 150 books this year, only getting to 145. As my husband says, too much time spent playing solitaire on my iPad. I definitely am changing that for the new year. However I've also been spending more time doing crafts such as needlework, so that has been taking some time as well.

Here's how I stand at the end of the year:

By type and genre: (note that some books may fall within more than one genre)
Fiction         124                  33 of these were part of a series
   Mystery/Thriller   43
   Historical Fiction  22
   Romance               19
   Fantasy                   8
   Science Fiction       3
   Short Stories           6
No westerns this year

Nonfiction     21
   Biography and Memoir  10
   Essays                              2
   Drama                              0
   Poetry                               0

By audience
Adult      117
Teen         13
Children   15

Translated works  7
French   4
German 2
Italian    1

50 of the books I read were by Canadian authors
Male authors                                   33
Female authors                             107
Multiple authors incl. both sexes     5

Physical book   127
Audiobook         17
ebook                   1

Library                     46
My own                    97    (77 of these left to other homes after I finished them)
Family borrow           2

I've had better years in terms of books read, and have been on a downward trend the last few years. Hopefully we'll go up again in 2018.


  1. Good job, Shonna! Much more reading than I. Vicki

    1. Thanks Vicki. Not as many as I'd planned though!