Wednesday 30 August 2017

All That Man Is

Finished August 17
All That Man Is by David Szalay

This collection of stories looks at the lives of a number of men ranging from late teens to old age. These are men struggling with their lives in some way, unsure of what they want, some struggling to make relationships work or to disentangle themselves from relationships that no longer satisfy them. Most are not portrayed in a flattering light.
The stories take place in a variety of European cities, and we see inside the men's heads as they act, knowing their thoughts, their concerns, and their uncertainties. We see them as the vulnerable people they are. Some value their pride and won't admit to others the real worries and situations that they are dealing with. Others struggle with love and how to convey that feeling to those that they care about. We see their loneliness, and their disappointments.
I found I had to take breaks as the men's lives are sad and dark. The stories are very well written and feel like real experiences.

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