Friday 31 March 2017

Egg Drop Dead

Finished March 21
Egg Drop Dead by Laura Childs

This light mystery takes place in the small town of Kindred in the Midwest. Suzanne, Petra, and Toni own the cafe that they've named the Cackleberry Club. Offshoot niches in the cafe also include a yarn store and a book store. Petra does the majority of the cooking, but all the ladies chip in. Suzanne is making a trip to a local dairy farmer for a wheel of his tasty cheese, but when she gets to the farm, he doesn't come out to meet her like he normally does and she gets a feeling that things aren't right. Sure enough, she finds him dead.
Suzanne has found herself in situations before where she has worked to assist the police to get to the bottom of a crime, but she isn't encouraged to do so here. Her knowledge of the crime scene and her observations of what she saw afterwards make her determined to find out who killed Mike Mullen.
There is also increasing development in the area, where farmlands are sold for development. Is this a factor in this murder? Suzanne finds other shady characters that she considers the motives of, even while hosting a visit from a mobile yarn retailer, and a outdoor party.
The book includes a number of recipes from the various scenes in the cafe,

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