Sunday 5 February 2017

Gentle Spectrums 2017

I am committing to Gentle Spectrums again this year

This challenge runs from February 1, 2017 to January 31, 2018

The challenge has two parts,

A Limitless Hues
This part has the names of colours in book titles or the word colour or terms like iridescent, bright, light, hue, spectrum, rainbow, shade, etc. Terms that might be shades of a color like cherry or canary don't count with the colour itself

B Gentle Subjects
This part has ten subject categories to match to book titles. Some will also allow content matches.

1. History
Historic people, content, places, symbols, and books set in 1967 or earlier.

2. Food
Food and drink, and words typically used to describe them like sweet or sour.

3. Sky
Elements by day or night, astronomy, spiritual terms

4. Canadian
Titles do not need to match this category. Canadian authors and features do. A brief Canadian setting does not count

5. Money, Valuable, Class
Monetary terms, gems, etc.

6. Music
Musical terms. Also books about music or musicians, or by musicians.

7. Is the Third a Charm?
Titles associated with "three". A third volume, or your third book by an author. Include a comment as to whether the author is more appealing or less at this third book.

8. Traditions, Practices, Celebrations

9. All Critters

10. Clothing or Fashion

1 comment:

  1. Fantastic to have your post, inviting others to play along with us, Shonna! I hope you like the new blend of topics as well as the new logo, my own Manitoba marsh photograph! For "History", note that the original descrption includes not only books set in 1967 but also "of 1967". Books that are simply 50 years old this year will do. Yours, Carolyn.