Wednesday 30 November 2016

The Best Worst Thing

Finished November 23
The Best Worst Thing by Kathleen Lane

This children's novel follows Maggie, who is just starting middle school. She is also the middle sister in her family, with Polly two years younger and Tana older than her. A lot is changing in her life and she's noticing things she hadn't noticed before, like the rabbits her neighbour keeps in his backyard, and the behaviour of the boy who lives behind her.
Her friendships change as new alliances are made, and she has trouble realizing an old friend isn't really there for her any more, and trouble recognizing a new friend is actually a good thing.
Lots of dealing with the changes that growing up brings, and realizing that some of them are good.
There is a light plot here around what is going on in Maggie's life and how she deals with it, but it isn't a book with a lot of action. More thoughtful.

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