Wednesday, 26 October 2016

The Bitch is Back

Finished October 20
The Bitch is Back: Older, Wiser, and (Getting) Happier edited by Cathi Hanauer

A few years back, I read and thoroughly enjoyed The Bitch in the House, a collection of essays about women and their relationships, also edited by Hanauer. This book continues with more personal essays about life, love, getting along, moving along, leaving, and coming together. Ten of the writers from the previous book wrote again for this one, and their essays were introduced with a short paragraph about where they'd left off then. A further sixteen women shared their lives here. All of the writers let us into their personal space and shared their feelings. Many shared deeply intimate feelings and experiences.
The book is separated into 4 sections: Me, Myself and My Midlife Choices; Sex, Lies, and Happy(ish) Endings; To Hell and To Hold; and Starting Over.
Many of the experiences here spoke to me. Many opened empathetic windows into experiences I haven't had and won't have. The openness of the women, like that of the previous book, made a connection. I am so glad to read that I am not alone in my feelings, my experiences, my frustrations, my comforts.

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