Monday 5 September 2016

Never Come Back

Finished August 29
Never Come Back by David Bell

This suspense novel opens with graduate student Elizabeth Hampton entering her childhood home in the small college town of Dover, Ohio, after being called by police. After learning that her mother is dead, and the circumstances of her death are suspicious, Elizabeth's immediate worry is about her older brother Ronnie. Ronnie still lives with their mother and since he has Down's Syndrome, relies on her for many things. He is high functioning, working and going to community activities. He was the one who found their mother when he came home late after being sent to a neighbours and not being picked up again.
Elizabeth is feeling guilty because after an argument with her mom, she hasn't talked to her in weeks. She calls on her uncle Paul for help, and on her on again off again boyfriend Dan. As events unfold and Elizabeth feels more vulnerable and that the police aren't looking beyond the obvious, she takes matters into her own hands to follow the clues in her mother's will to find the secrets of the past.
This is a novel of family secrets, of betrayals, and of the changing nature of families. Elizabeth is smart and determined to make a better life for herself, but she learns that she can't do it alone and must open herself up to others to truly live.

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