Thursday 31 December 2015

2015 Reading Summary

It`s been a great year of reading again. I didn`t read as many books as I planned, but I enjoyed the ones I read and indulged in some other hobbies.

I read 167 books.

The author gender was pretty balanced this year with 81 books by male authors, 80 books by female authors, and 4 books that had multiple authors encompassing both genders.

I read 67 library books, 18 Advance Reading Copies, and 5 books through Netgalley. Because I'm not a real ebook fan, some of the Netgalley books I ended up reading the actual book as the ebook expired before I got around to it. The other 77 books I owned.

Definitely leaned towards the adult audience this year, with 157 books for adults, 5 for teens and 5 for children.

Paper books predominated at 136. 28 were audiobooks, and 3 were ebooks.
13 of those paper books were graphica.

I read 11 translated books this year, translated from 7 different languages, 1 translated from Serbian, 1 from Turkish, 2 from German, 4 from French, 1 from Spanish, 1 from Dutch and 1 from Norwegian,

130 books were Fiction and 37 nonfiction

Within Fiction I read 4 books of short stories; 32 that fell into the category of mystery, thriller or suspense; 28 historical fiction; 9 romance; 2 science fiction; and 10 fantasy. 18 of these books were part of a series.

Within Nonfiction I didn't read any poetry again this year, nor any plays. I did better with essays though, including 5 books of essays

Countries my reading has been set in: 28
I found this cool website that lets you map countries covered it came up with this graphic for me.
Countries new to me included Albania and Colombia.
Canadian coverage included Ontario, Quebec, Newfoundland, New Brunswick, Saskatchewan, the Yukon, and Alberta.

US states: I read books that contained settings in the following US states. This is a few more than the ones indicated in the Where Are You Reading Challenge as some books did more than one state and I picked the main state for the challenge.

I always try for a bunch of reading challenges, never making all, but enjoying the challenge and the opportunity to read beyond what I might have picked otherwise.

Challenges I completed:

1. 8th Annual Canadian Book Challenge. Completed in June at 26 books
2. What`s in a Name. Completed this in September.
3. Around the World in 12 Books Challenge. Completed in December
4. European Reading Challenge 2015. I completed the required 5 books in April, but ended with 10 by December
5. War Through the Generations Reading Challenge 2015. There was no particular war or goal this year, but I read 15 books on 6 wars.

Incomplete Challenges:
1. Where are You Reading 2015. I completed 27 states and D.C. I've decided to continue this challenge through 2016 to complete the remainder of the states.
2. The Eclectic Reading Challenge 2015. I completed 10 of the 12 categories.
3. The TBR Challenge. I completed 10 of the 12 books I said I would.
4. The Reading Assignment Challenge. I completed 33 of the 48 books.
5. Diverse Books Reading Challenge. I completed all but one of the posted challenges.
6. Chunkster Reading Challenge. I completed 13 of the 15 I aimed for, but none over the 750 page mark.
7. Reading Bingo. No bingos for me this year.
8. Monthly Key Word Challenge - I missed the words for two months
9. Global Reading Challenge - I only completed one continent

Continuing Challenges:
My current challenges are located here.
I am continuing several challenges
The 9th Annual Canadian Book Challenge began in July and continues until June 2016. I am presently at 15 books.
See my note above regarding the Where Are You Reading Challenge.
The A Century of Books Challenge got mostly forgotten. I only read 7 books, with the earliest being from 1972. I'm sure this will be over more than two years.
Gentle Spectrums Challenge goes until February 2016. I'm still short one category and several colourful books.
Monthly Mix-Up Mania goes until March 2017, and I'm into April now so doing okay.

I'll be adding some additional new challenges, but haven't finalized them yet.

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