Saturday 7 November 2015

Dashing Through the Snow

Finished November 1
Dashing Through the Snow by Debbie Macomber, read by Allyson Ryan

This novel has elements of suspense and romance. Ashley Davison is studying for her master's degree in social work in San Francisco, and with the deli she works at undergoing renovations finds herself with unexpected time off over Christmas. She plans to go back home to Seattle to spend the holidays with her mother. As the book begins, she is at the airline counter trying to book a flight, and the desk attendant seems to both refuse to give her a seat, but also wants her to wait. Ashley, after trying hard to change the situation, including speaking politely to the person directly behind her in line, decides to try another option, car rental.
At the rental counter, she finds there is only one car left available, and the same man is behind her in line. As they are both going to Seattle and there are some adverse weather reports for the trip, the rental agency suggests that they share the vehicle. After some consideration, and talking with a character reference for the man, Dashiel Sutherland, she agrees to the solution.
As the pair drive north, they get to know each other, have some disagreements, find that they connect in unexpected ways, and acquire a puppy in an unexpected way.
Meanwhile they are being pursued by a couple of FBI agents, one of whom is sure that Ashley is the person that he has been seeking for years. I found this part of the plot a bit keystone kops, but still amusing.
So with the travellers developing a romance, the pursuers gradually closing in, and the Christmas season, we have a plot that will keep you interested.

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