Thursday 29 October 2015

Wonder Woman: Love and Murder

Finished October 26
Wonder Woman: Love and Murder written by Jodi Picoult; drawing by Drew Johnson, Ray Snyder, Rodney Ramos, Terry Dodson, Rachel Dodson, and Paco Diaz; Colorists: Alex Sinclair, Lee Loughridge, and Dave McCaig; Letterers: Rob Leigh and Travis Lanham

This graphic novel consists of five chapters, and begins with an introduction to what happened previously to set up the action.
I loved the kitschy Wonder Woman TV show when I was young, and picked this up with interest to see what was up with her now. I found the storyline a bit disjointed and felt that more introduction was needed to some of the characters that suddenly appeared. The flow between chapters wasn't smooth, but the story did continue through the entire novel.
I found the depiction of Wonder Woman in her Diana guise to be dumbed down to an alarming degree, not something I ever pictured her as. Other characters seemed rather slow on the uptake or easily fooled as well, not the strong females I was expecting.
The drawings were great, and showed continuity despite different artists for different chapters.

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