Wednesday 19 November 2014

Dead Men

Finished November 18
Dead Men by Stephen Leather

This spy thriller centers around Spider Shepherd, an agent with SOCA, previously Special Forces. Shepherd specializes in going undercover, infiltrating himself into people`s lives and discovering the evidence needed to put them away. This case is a bit different.
Back in 1994, five masked men forced their way into the home of a RUC Special Branch officer in Belfast, and executed him in front of his wife and young son. Recently, under the Good Friday agreement, those who were in jail for this crime have been set free, and the one man who escaped overseas is back for his show trial that will have him serve no time for this crime. But one by one, the five men are being hunted down and executed, in exactly the same manner the RUC officer was killed.
Suspicion for this crime has fallen on the widow of the police officer, and Shepherd is being sent in to get close to her and learn whether she is the killer.
Meanwhile, a powerful man in the Arab world has been given information that says Shepherd`s boss Charlotte Button and an American agent, Yokely are responsible for the death of two of his sons. He has taken out a contract on them, and is willing to pay whatever it takes. Shepherd is brought into the picture on this situation and he finds it becoming personal. But he must find out just how far he is willing to go to protect Charlie and those he cares about.
This book is gripping, and has both action and sexual attraction going on. Shepherd is a man with a strong sense of ethics, and a character I liked immediately. A great addition to the spy thriller genre.

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