Saturday 18 October 2014

Made That Way

Finished October 16
Made That Way by Susan Ketchen

This teen novel is a sequel to a book that I haven't yet read called Born That Way. The main character in both books is Sylvia.
Sylvia is 14 and as the book begins is awaiting the delivery of her own horse, sent to her by her grandfather in Saskatchewan. The stable owner where Sylvia has been doing her riding is a woman named Kansas and Kansas has some particular ideas about horses and their behaviour that Sylvia's new horse doesn't always meet.
Sylvia has Turner Syndrome and her health issues related to this are a big part of the story.
Sylvia is also obsessed with unicorns, dreaming of one, and associating her new horse and sometimes even herself with a unicorn.
Sylvia's mother is sometimes a bit intense, and her father controlling, but overall they seem to pay attention to her concerns. She feels a bit of an outcast at school and looks for ways to find a niche for herself there. Her cousins Taylor and Stephanie are both older than her, and Taylor and Sylvia end up getting hurt in an accident.that changes Taylor's life significantly.
Lots going on here. This book will appeal to those girls interested in horses, but also give insight into a different outlook due to Sylvia's condition.

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