Saturday 6 September 2014

The Wishing Thread

Finished August 27
The Wishing Thread by Lisa Van Allen

This book is a romance with a theme of paranormal. The story takes place in Tarrytown, New York and centres around three sisters of the Van Ripper family. The sisters grew up in an old house with a wool shop called The Stitchery contained within. The house was owned by their eccentric aunt Mariah, and the girls were all trained in the art of knitting spells. The spells were knitted to order, and the one who requested each knitted item had to offer something they valued in return. Aubrey, the middle sister has stayed on with Mariah and taken on the inheritance of the store and its services. Bitty married young and has two children, Vanessa and Carson. Meggie took off a few years ago on her own quest. As the book begins, Mariah has passed away suddenly, and the sisters all come back together at The Stitchery to mourn her and find that Mariah has left her own task for them in her will.
Tarrytown is also undergoing a fight. The area of town around Tappan Square, where The Stitchery is located, is planned for redevelopment, a plan that would mean the end of The Stitchery, but also the end of a neighbourhood that has fallen into hard times and yet still has community spirit. Mariah had been fighting against this development and Aubrey tries to overcome her shyness to continue the fight, and perhaps reach out to the man she has a crush on.
Each sister is struggling with her own issues and they haven't shared with each other until now. As Bitty and Meggie reveal their own struggles they help Aubrey, and regain the closeness they had lost.
The knitting projects in the book are shared on the author's website for this novel.

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  1. I thought this was a fun book; not perfect, but an enjoyable read. I liked the sisters and the idea of being able to knit spells. She's definitely an author I'd read again.