Sunday 7 September 2014

The Paper Moon

Finished September 6
The Paper Moon by Andrea Camilleri

This is another in the series featuring Inspector Salvatore Montalbano. Here Montalbano has a woman worried about her brother come to the office looking for help. He agrees to go to her brother's home to see if her can find anything to indicate what may have happened. When he encounters the body of the brother, Montalbano finds the sister emotional and eager to accuse the brother's lover. Elena, the lover, is a woman sure of herself and quick of intellect and she is always one step ahead of Montalbano as he works through the clues to what has been happening.
Meanwhile the office has been pressured to find the drug dealer responsible for providing some high profile people with poisoned drugs, and Montalbano offers Mimi Augello some thoughtful advice on how to deal with such a sensitive case.
As usual, the personalities of the both the various police and of the characters involved in the situation are interesting and have depth. The two women in the murder case are particularly well drawn.
There is the usual good food mentioned in detail as Montalbano eats at home and at restaurants.
Enjoyable and with a good plot.

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