Wednesday 20 August 2014

The Patience of the Spider

Finished August 17
The Patience of the Spider by Andrea Camilleri

This continues the series featuring Inspector Montalbano in Sicily. Here, Montalbano is still recovering from his gunshot wound when the kidnapping of a young woman has him called back in to assist. He is not in charge of the case, and so can avoid some of the aspects he doesn't enjoy, like press conferences, but he has the run of things and takes a close look at the evidence, both physical and behavioural, that is exhibited here. His girlfriend Livia has taken a leave from her work to stay with him for this early part of his recovery, and their relationship shows the strain of the togetherness they have now that disrupts their comfortable routine. The case is not straightforward, but I found it easier to figure out that his earlier books, maybe I'm just getting used to his style.
We see the usual characters in Montalbano's fellow police, and also a nice sideline in food, another of Montalbano's passions. Montalbano is even more introspective than usual here, perhaps because he isn't totally back to work yet and has more time on his own.

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