Saturday 9 August 2014

French Leave

Finished August 8
French Leave by Anna Gavalda, translated by Alison Anderson

I picked up this short novel in a bookstore some time ago, and put it in my purse this week to read, but got so engrossed, I had to finish it quickly.
Garance begs a ride to a family wedding from her older brother Simon and his wife, Carine. Garance, along with her other siblings worships Simon as the oldest and smartest in the family, and as the one who remains calm despite any provocation. Carine, however, is not loved. She is a pharmacist, and germ-phobic, as well as haughty and rigid in nature. Garance and her older sister Lola love to find ways to taunt and annoy Carine. Lola has just gone through a divorce and isn't sure she's up for the wedding, but calls while they are enroute to get picked up as well. Carine is rather put out by the presence of the sisters, as she had left their children with her mother hoping for couple time with her hubby.
Once at the wedding the three siblings discover their brother Vincent won't be coming as they expected, and Simon unexpectedly suggests they ditch the wedding in favor of visiting Simon.
The story then tells of the weekend spent by the four siblings as they lose themselves in the joy of each others' company and their memories of the past.
A lovely novel, with characters that one wants to know better.

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