Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Love Overdue

Finished December 17
Love Overdue by Pamela Morsi

Picked up this light romance for the library theme and thoroughly enjoyed it. Set in a small town in Kansas, DJ (Dorothy Jarrow) arrives to be the new librarian in charge at the local library. She has 4 employees, one of whom has been in charge up until now and won't give up her leadership position without a fight.
Eight years ago, on her twenty-first birthday, DJ did something reckless and had an incredible experience with a man that she has never forgotten. What are the odds that he turns out to be her landlady's divorced son? Thank goodness he doesn't seem to recognize her.
Nice characters, nice plot, and some good lines. One of my favorites is "...and a teen book collection so woefully out of date that the only vampire novel available was by Bram Stoker." Several co-workers liked the line too. The chapters are not consecutively numbered as is normal, but instead have gradually increasing Dewey Decimal Classification numbers each related to the chapter's content, which was a neat touch.
And everyone needs a good romance now and then.

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