Thursday, 26 September 2013

The Off Season

Finished September 24
The Off Season by Catherine Gilbert Murdock

This is the second novel in the series that began with Dairy Queen. This begins with the fall semester of DJ's junior year at school. She has made the football team, and after a brief interruption resumed her friendship with Amber. Brian Nelson seems interested in her for more than just her coaching skills, and things are going incredibly well.
And then they aren't. With injuries to both her and others in her family, relationship issues, and attention that she hadn't expected, DJ's world changes drastically. She has to deal with things she never thought of, and be an anchor to her family in their time of need.
DJ really grows here, realizing that she has qualities she hadn't thought she did, and her family and friends see a side of her they hadn't expected.
A great addition to the series.

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