Monday, 20 May 2013

Regulated for Murder

Finished May 19
Regulated for Murder by Suzanne Adair

This mystery thriller is set in 1781 in North Carolina. Michael Stoddard is a lieutenant for the king who has been asked to investigate a questionable land deal in Wilmington, the city he is stationed in. He finds traps and a missing man, but is quickly pulled off the case to courier an urgent message inland to Lord Cornwallis. He heads for the town of Hillsborough dressed as a civilian to meet his contact, but he arrives on the doorstep just after said contact has been murdered, in time to see the supposed perpetrator disappear into the woods. The law in town is a questionable bunch of men, that Stoddard himself suspects the origins of, and they insist on his staying and not only cooperating in the investigation, but doing some of the investigating. Michael is in luck that an acquaintance from Wilmington is also in town, and is willing to assist in passing him off as a civilian and giving him shelter. As he continues to investigate he finds himself more and more suspicious of the law in town and worried about his own safety and those who have helped him.
With a little romance, a lot of suspense, and interesting characters galore, this is a mystery that will keep you glued to the page. I liked the main character of Michael who comes off as an upright member of society, with a slightly secretive past back in England. The widow Kate Duncan is an intelligent business woman who had an unhappy marriage and may be interested in Michael. Her aunt Rachel is another intelligent business woman who has tried to hide her trials from her family, but recognizes when it is time to be forthright. The young man Noah, who everyone has dismissed an an idiot because of his deafness is a gem of a character with hidden depths. Definitely interested in reading more. Wondering how Michael will fare when the English retreat from the United States.

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