Thursday, 14 February 2013

When It Happens to You

Finished February 13
When It Happens to You: a novel in stories by Molly Ringwald

I spotted this book on our new fiction shelf at work a few weeks ago, but got delayed on reading it until now. At the time, I said "Molly Ringwald wrote a novel?" and picked it up. I have always liked her as an actor and was intrigued, wanting to see what kind of writer she was. Well, the answer is a good one. I really enjoyed this book. It is told from several different points of view, from a variety of people who interact with each other throughout.
It is about marriage, love, fidelity, identity and being human. No one here is perfect, and we see the interactions between wives and husbands, lovers, parents and children (both grown and young) and friends. We see the results of infidelity, loss, and good intentions gone wrong. We see what happens when wanting what is best for someone isn't always helpful. We see what happens when there is not enough honesty, and when there is too much. We see love in all its forms.
Highly enjoyable.

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