Sunday 28 August 2011

Raising Orion

Finished August 27
Raising Orion by Lesley Choyce
Eric wakes up in the hospital after nearly freezing to death in the Arctic. Molly runs her used books store in Halifax and lets a group of young musicians use it for practice space. Todd is fourteen and seriously ill in the hospital. This book shows how these characters interact with Molly as its center. Molly grew up as the daughter of lighthouse keepers on Devil's Island off the coast of Halifax. She reflects on her early life as she tries to comfort Todd and is also reminded of her own life-changing event at the age of fourteen.
This is a novel about interactions between people, the effect we have on others lives, and the interesting linkages between people over space and time. How we connect to others is deeper than we sometimes think, and the ways we can offer support are varied. I loved this book and how it made me think about these things. Highly recommended.


  1. Thanks Shonna, I must read more Canadian novels, I do so enjoy them.

  2. I've only read one other book by Choyce, but enjoyed it as well.