Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Stories from the Prairies

Finished March 7
Stories from the Prairies by Marie Anne McLean
This audiobook is part of the StorySave series, voices of Canada's storytellers. Marie Anne McLean grew up in Manitoba and the stories here are her own creation. They fall into three types
The first set of stories is set in the fictional small town of Thumbprint, Saskatchewan. McLean's interest in small town Saskatchewan began with her brother's experiences as an RCMP officer there. The stories capture various ideas and are vignettes of small town life. The second set of stories are World War II stories based on the experiences of McLean's father, Jack, and his fellow soldiers from D-Day to reunions. The third set of stories are family stories from McLean's family from her grandparents, to her parents, to her brother.
McLean tells a good story and makes them come alive. She is hesitant in spots as she looks for the right word or phrase, but the stories are well put-together and interesting.

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