Sunday, 3 May 2009

Children's Fiction

Finished May 3
A Perfect Gentle Knight by Kit Pearson
This tale of eleven-year-old Corrie Bell and her family takes us into a tale of a family coping with loss. Corrie's mother died in an accident three years ago, and she and her siblings have found comfort in a fantasy world of the Round Table, where they abide by the rules of knights. Their father, always absent-minded, has retreated into his work as a Shakespearean professor and a succession of housekeepers does the basics of what the house requires. Corrie and her older siblings, Roz (13) and Sebastian (14) manage the schedules of all the children and arrange the things that need to be arranged, like meals and dentists.
While Roz is finding a life outside the Round Table, Sebastian is making it more and more the center of his life. Corrie is torn between a new friendship and her family responsibilities and loyalties and struggles with the large responsibilities placed on her.
I really enjoyed this family story and know my young niece will as well.

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