Friday, 3 April 2009

Thriller on audio

Finished March 31
Three Weeks to Say Goodbye by C.J.Box, read by John Bedford Lloyd
This thriller moves at a fast pace and has lots going on, but I found elements of the story that just didn't ring that true for me.
Jack and Melissa have a nine-month-old girl that they adopted privately. Now the father and his father, a powerful Denver judge, say that they want the girl. They seem to have no interest in the relationship that has developed between the baby and her adoptive parents. They also seem to have a lot of influence in Denver, meaning that Jack and Melissa have no legal options to fight the case. That is one of the things that doesn't ring true to me.
Jack and his two best friends set out to find ways to change the situation, either by getting the father to sign the papers or finding dirt on him and his father. Here the end justifies the means, and keeping Angelina is all that matters.
An entertaining book despite its faults.

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