Friday, 10 October 2008

Great Read

Finished October 9
Every Secret Thing by Emma Cole
Kate Murray is a journalist from Canada covering a trial in London, England. When an elderly man sits next to her and starts a conversation, she doesn't give it her full attention. His last comment to her, referring to her grandmother, catches her attention. As she calls after him, she witnesses his death by a hit and run driver. Her interest drawn, she attends her funeral and meets his nephew. She is warned off but that only gets her more interested in tracking down the story the man was trying to get her to tell. As more people start to die, Kate finds herself running for her life, and the truth of what really happened decades before.
With a trail leading back to the first World War and in both Europe and North America, Kate uses her journalistic skills to track down the story that was buried years before, and try to bring justice to those who never received it.
This story is well-written and plot-driven. Kate is an interesting character, with many resources. As she learns more about the past, she is driven to new thoughts about the people she knows as well.

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