Tuesday, 7 October 2008

BC Mystery

Finished October 7
West End Murders by Roy Innes
Innes is a new author for me, but this is not the first book in the series featuring RCMP Inspector Coswell and Corporal Blakemore. The setting is Vancouver and their have been a series of murders in the west end targeting high profile gay men. The Vancouver police have been getting anywhere with the case and the RCMP is asked to step in. Coswell works with a Vancouver police force officer named Burns who liases with Vancouver for any assistance. Blakemore is new to town and Coswell assigns him to go undercover on the case.
A visit is expected soon from the mayor of San Francisco, another high profile gay man and there is pressure to solve the case from the Vancouver mayor and from Ward, Coswell's boss.
Coswell is an interesting character, with a big ego and a gourmet appetite. There is some discussion of good Vancouver restaurants, food and wine around this aspect of Coswell's personality. There is also an interesting relationship between the police and a female newspaper reporter who is hot on the story.
I enjoyed the mystery, and liked the way it was brought together at the end. I found it to be generally well written with a few minor items that seemed forced. An entertaining read, with an interesting plot.

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