Monday, 22 September 2008

Teen Historical Fiction

Finished September 19
Hush: an Irish princess' tale by Donna Jo Napoli
Melkorka is an Irish princess, first-born in her family, with a younger brother and sister. After her brother is injured badly, her father vows revenge and sends her and her sister away. Before they reach their destination, she is kidnapped by a Viking slave ship. On the ship, she is grouped with other slaves of many different nationalities. She must learn to survive. As she observes and reacts, she takes refuge in silence and soon finds that her silence gives her power.
This story is based on an Icelandic folktale, the story of which is included in the book, and crafted from that into a story of a young girl learning a new life.
Melkorka is well characterized and her growth in the book is natural and shows her as an individual. This is a strong female character, intelligent and quick and a good listener. The historical facts have been well researched and provide a good base for the story.

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