Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Mystery on CD

Finished May 27
Thunder Bay by William Kent Krueger
This was a new author for me, although the book is part of a series featuring Cork O'Connor. Here Cork has a private investigator's license, although his main source of income is a fast food stand operated mainly during the summer months. Cork has been both a city police officer and a sheriff previously.
In this book, there are two main storylines, one mystery and one personal for Cork. The personal one involves Cork's daughter Jenny who is planning to leave for college in the fall, only a few weeks away. The main storyline involves an old Ojibwe medicine man, Henry Meloux, who has played a strong role in Cork's own spiritual growth and life choices. Henry is suddenly taken ill, and asks Cork to find the son he never knew, fathered more than seventy years before. Cork is able to use what information Henry has given him to find the son, Henry Wellington, as well as what happened to the boy's mother. After Cork makes contact with the son in Thunder Bay, he is followed back to Minnesota and an attempt is made to murder Henry Meloux.
As Cork and Meloux go back to Canada to find out what is going on with the son that Meloux feels has need of him, they draw themselves into more danger.
I really liked the native content in this novel. There was history, culture, spirituality that really made the novel for me. Meloux is a very intriging character and Cork's character is shown through his relationships with his family.

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