Thursday 2 September 2021

Listen Up! Train Song

Finished September 1
Listen Up! Train Song by Victoria Allenby

This picture book shows different kinds of trains, different parts of trains and connects them to different sounds. It plays with onomatopoeia by showing kids how the sounds that the trains make are described by words that sound similar and encourages them to explore this concept. 
The book is written in a song pattern with repetitive lines linking the different verses. The photographs have close-ups of some of the train parts making sounds like horns and brakes. There are also some train-related items like crossings that have noise that get included here. Parts of the trains like engines and boxcars have their own particular noises. 
The types of trains include modern stream-lined trains, subway trains, metro trains, traditional freight trains, and steam trains.
There is a short section at the back of the book that gives ideas of how to explore the concepts from the book in other ways. 
With kids often fascinated by trains, this book is sure to appeal to many.

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