Friday, 11 March 2016

Pinocchio Vampire Slayer

Finished March 9
Pinocchio Vampire Slayer written by Van Jensen, created and drawn by Dusty Higgins

This graphic novel imagines a new ending for the classic Pinocchio. People keep disappearing in their village, and Gepetto is worried. Pinocchio is dismissive, but when Gepetto himself is attacked and disappears, Pinocchio and his friends Master Cherry and the Blue Fairy spring into action. The cricket also plays a role, but a less central one than the original.
As Pinocchio discovers that the wood from his nose, which he quickly snaps off when it grows after telling a lie, is a powerful weapon against the forces that are besieging their village. Together the small group goes up against the enemy despite being outnumbered.
Another example in the growing oeuvre of classics with a vampire twist, this is one in a series featuring Pinocchio in a new role.


  1. they do say a story is more exciting with a Vampire in it.