Friday 1 January 2016

What's in a Name Reading Challenge 2016 Commitment

I like the quirkiness of this challenge, and have done it for several years.

Here is the hosting page for this challenge.

It runs for the 2016 calendar year.You have to read a book from each of the categories, and some examples are giving at the hosting page. The category has to be in the title of the book.

1. A country
2. An item of clothing
3. An item of furniture
4. A profession
5. A month of the year
6. The word 'tree'

Books can only be used for one category. They may be in any format. They prefer that choices don't overlap with other challenges, but don't require it, so generally I ignore that preference and just read what fits and if it overlaps, it overlaps. Creativity is encouraged.

I'm already scanning my shelves and piles for candidates.

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