Saturday 5 July 2014

A Game of Thrones

Finished July 5
A Game of Thrones: The Graphic Novel: Volume One by George R.R. Martin, adapted by Daniel Abraham, art by Tommy Patterson

There's been so much buzz about Game of Thrones with the TV series on that I thought I'd explore it in a small way. Lots of drama, lots of violence, lots of intrigue, and lots of sex. Pretty much like what I've heard about the TV show.
Given how much some of the characters look like the actors from the TV, I couldn't help but wonder if this was drawn later and sure enough the series began in 2011 and this book was published in 2012.
This volume was split into 6 issues, and the table of contents gives page numbers, but the book doesn't actually have page numbers, so that was a bit annoying.
Following the six issues was a section on how the book was made showing the making of the drawings and discussing the choices made about what to include from the book, some of which was cut out of the TV series.
Drawings were well done, and the plot flowed nicely even in this abbreviated format. A good adaptation.

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  1. I agree that some of the characters look similar to the cast members, but I would think that's more because they are both working from the same novel and wanted to fit the descriptions as much as possible. Although I enjoy all three approaches to the story, I find the similarities/differences most fascinating of all, the ways in which different readers interpret the same source material. I've just finished the second graphic novel, and I'll definitely find the third too,