Wednesday 18 May 2011

Bedtime Story

Finished May 18
Bedtime Story by Robert J Wiersema
A book I couldn't put down. I stayed up this evening until I finished this. I didn't even stop to eat dinner. This book had me until the end. This is what a page-turner is all about.
Chris Knox is working on his second book, which is taking far too long. He makes a living as a columnist for the Vancouver Sun. His son David has just turned eleven, and Chris finds a book in a used bookstore to give to him for a gift. The author wrote a series of four books that Chris read when he was young and he hopes David has a similar experience. But David gets far more than Chris expected.
Like other boys before him, David gets enthralled by the book, reading it every chance he gets. When David slips into convulsions and a coma after reading the book one evening his parents rush him to the hospital. But no one seems to figure out what is wrong with him. That is, until Chris becomes convinced that the novel David was reading is responsible for his condition. As Chris works against the disbelief of others and treachery, David is also struggling. Caught in the fantasy world of the book, David fights to complete a quest.
A great book within a book, this story is gripping and wonderful. Highly recommended.

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  1. At 483 pages, this book counts toward my Chunkster Challenge.