Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Strange Teen Novel

Finished December 1
Being by Kevin Brooks
This is a very odd novel. The main character is Robert Smith, a 16-year-old boy who has lived in foster homes all his life. He goes to the hospital for an endoscopy for a suspected stomach ulcer, but the doctors see something that doesn't make any sense. Robert hears the conversation of the doctors from his anesthetized state and struggles to react.
Once he escapes the hospital, Robert is not sure where to go. He tries to make sense of what the doctors saw, even doing investigations himself, but doesn't understand what he finds. As he runs from those who are now pursuing him, he ends up with Eddi, a beautiful criminal that he isn't sure he can trust.
Robert is a lost soul, unsure of his past or his future. He doesn't know where to go for help or who to trust. This book offers a look at self-discovery with a twist.

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