Thursday, 6 March 2008

Book Covers

Finished March 6
Seven Hundred Penguins
This wonderful collection of covers of selected Penguin (including Pelicans and Peregrines as well) from 1935 to 2000 is engrossing. The execution is good, done on lovely paper with great detail. But it is the covers themselves that this is all about. Each page contains an image of the cover. A section in the back gives the title, year, and very basic information about the artist. I found myself studying the covers in more detail than I would normally give to a book cover, and indeed one of the aims of the books is to have readers (viewers?) take a look at their own Penguin books with new eyes. The range of types of art is wide and choices include some of the traditional three panel covers as well as more diverse choices. There are choices in French and Spanish as well as English and some covers show age. I was just fascinated by this book and gave in and bought myself a copy to keep.

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  1. I have a copy of this book too - it's, as you say, completely engrossing. I particularly love the Penguin crime covers from the 1960s - I have four Dorothy Sayers covers framed and hanging on my wall.