Tuesday, 2 October 2007

A Crime Thriller

Finished October 2
The Devil's Playground by Stav Sherez
This first novel is a very complex thriller, with events from the present linked back to the Holocaust. The main character is Jon Reed, a music writer turned website writer from London. Jon has turned away from his music writer after a negative review was followed by the musician's suicide. Jon has recently taken in a homeless man, Jake Colby, that he has seen often and finds himself becoming attached to him and his story. Jake has gone back to his Jewish roots in Amsterdam after discovering them late in life, and his death there leads Jon to Amsterdam as well. Dutch police detective Ronald Van Hijn is on the case which he thinks is linked to a set of serial murders in the city. There is also an American woman, Suze, studying the work of a Jewish artist who was killed in Auschwitz. As these three characters cross paths and grow closer to the truth of what is happening, they are in more and more danger. The theme of music persists here as well, with both Reed and Van Hijn deeply interested in music and one of the clues hidden in music. A very interesting first novel.

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