Wednesday, 11 July 2007

One to read and one to listen to

Finished July 11
Ghostwalk by Rebecca Stott
This is a fascinating novel, part mystery, part romance, part paranormal, and part history. Lydia Brooke, historian is asked to finish a book on Isaac Newton that a fellow historian and friend, Elizabeth Vogelsang, has almost finished. But there are several issues that arise. Lydia previously had an affair with Elizabeth's son, Cameron Brown and left him. Elizabeth's death is suspicious in nature. Some of Elizabeth's notes are missing, and her friend Dilys has been helping her by contacting the dead through seances. Elizabeth had a young friend, also a historian, Will who helped with research and who warns Lydia of the dangers she sees for her. Animal rights activists appear to be launching violent protests in attacks on animals and on humans related to research involving animals, as Cameron is. How and whether these issues relate to each other and whether there are connections between Newton's time and the present are questions Lydia is forced to look at. She is not sure what her role is and how others may be using her.
This is a fascinating book, especially the bits of Elizabeth's book that appear throughout.

Out of the Blue by Charlotte Bingham, read by Kim Hicks
I finished this audiobook on the way to work this morning. This story has both mystery and romance as well as a touch of the supernatural. Set in Somerset, in and around Swindon, the story also relates to the history of the area. Florence Fontaine lives in the Old Rectory and her daughter Amadea lives in town. Both women are still affected by recent tragedy. Florence's husband died and then her son David died in a swimming mishap when he rescued his sister and another swimmer who needed assistance.
The story begins with Florence finding a young man asleep in her guest cottage, dressed in Regency clothing. He appears to be suffering from amnesia. Amadea's neighbor Rob, who is a doctor specializing in brain injuries becomes involved and so does Florence's neighbor Dottie as they try to help the young man discover his identity. A good choice for a light summer read.

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