Saturday, 10 February 2007

Reading this week

I have a lot of books on the go right now, but only finished two this week.

Finished today, Saturday, Feb 10th
Children of My Heart by Gabrielle Roy
I decided to read this book, a Canadian classic that I never got around to reading, because it was one of the choices for CBC's Canada Reads.
It was a great read. The book is in 3 parts, with each part set in a different school. They are all from the point of view of a young teacher, and discuss her relationship with her students. The first on is in a town school and the other two are in villages. The stories are emotional and read very true. I really enjoyed the book.

Finished February 6th
Murder in the Museum by Simon Brett
This book is part of the Fethering series, set in the area of the town Fethering. Carole Seddon is on the board of a home of a renowned poet Esmund Chadleigh. When a body is discovered by gardeners on the site, Carole happens to be present. She grows interested and involves her friend Jude who knows another of the people involved through her volunteer work. The politics on the board grow more evident, and Jude is visited by an old lover, who becomes involved from an academic point of view. All in all, lots of possibilities and a great story.

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  1. I've just fininshed Murder in the Museum myself. Felt it was a bit rushed to the conclusion. But a great read as always from Mr. Brett.