Wednesday, 1 January 2020

Reading Summary for 2019

Here's my look back at my reading for 2019.
It was definitely a year where I read less. I also completed less challenges than previously. I've been thinking about it and realize that I try to look at the books on my shelves and fit them into the challenges that I'm doing, which sometimes just doesn't work. Also, my shelves have become less organized over the last couple years, which makes books harder to locate. So I'll work on that over the next few months.
I read 141 books over the year.

Here are my stats:

Adult: 124
Children's: 14
Teen: 3

Source and Fate
42 of the books I read were library books
84 of the books I read I owned (38 were advance copies)
3 were read for Netgalley
The rest were borrowed from others

78 of those I owned left my possession after I read them. (I also went through my mystery bookcase and gave away any that earned less than 4 stars)

Author Gender
28 books were written by men
109 were written by women
3 were written by teams that included both men and women
1 was written by an author under a pseudonym that didn't identify their genre

Category and Genre:
There are a couple of overlaps here with collections where they included both fiction and nonfiction in one book.
Fiction: 118. There are some genre overlaps where books fell into multiple genres
    2 of these were short stories or included short stories
    35 were mysteries or thrillers
    21 were historical fiction
    6 were fantasy
    1 was science fiction
    33 were romance
    1 was horror
    None were westerns this year.
    27 books were part of a series
Nonfiction: 24
    3 of these were poetry or included poetry
    3 of these were essays or included essays
    7 were history books
    1 was a science book
    9 were biographies or memoirs

8 Translated works:
    Italian               3
    Afrikaans          1
    Dutch                1
    French               1
    Japanese           1
    Norwegian        1

25 were set in Canada
66 were set in the U.S.
39 were set in Europe
3 were set in Africa

3 were graphic novels
22 were audiobooks
3 were ebooks
The rest were print books

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