Wednesday, 1 January 2020

Let It Snow

Finished December 28
Let It Snow by Nancy Thayer

This light romance is centered around a group of merchants on a pier in Nantucket. Christina Antonioni runs a toy store and is facing her first Christmas after the deaths of both of her parents. She is an island native, and has lots of friends including the other shopkeepers on the pier. They get together at lunch every day for a quick visit and update.
As the book begins, a young girl, Wink, visiting Christina's store on her own makes an attempt at shoplifting, but Christina calls her out on it. She shows compassion though and offers to help the girl later, convincing her fellow merchants to put together a bag of goodies for her. But Wink turns out to be a surprise that leads to more surprises, including an extremely nice uncle.
The merchants also get a surprise warning of a new landlord and a sharp rent increase in the new year, one that their businesses can't sustain, and they must strategize about how to fight back.
A light seasonal read with appealing characters.

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